SCMC STCD250 tower crane helps the world's largest span bridge —— Construction of the Zhang-Jinggao Yangtze River Bridge
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"Six world first, six world first", from the design of the beginning has attracted much attention—— At the construction site of Zhang Jinggao Yangtze River Bridge, two STCD250 tower cranes manufactured by SCMC are working intensively and will soon complete the erection of the first piers, which contributes to the construction of the bridge.


As a national key project, Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge is promoted from the water surface and land lines. In the construction, the structural lifting project is large, especially the erection process of bridge piers, which has extremely high requirements on the load, accuracy, intelligent system and safety and stability of hoisting machinery and equipment.

After the rigorous selection demonstration of the contractor, two STCD250 tower cranes of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Stock were finally selected to enter the site operation, and the erection of 16 piers was completed within two years.

As one of the representative models of SCMC, STCD250 tower crane is equipped with intelligent control system, which has advanced functions such as full frequency conversion speed regulation, full anti-shake and precise positioning. The electronic control system can detect the working condition of tower crane hook in real time and effectively prevent the lifting speed and the lifting arm can be set automatically according to the weight of the lifting object, which can realize the working speed of 3 mm per second and the instantaneous response between start and stop, and ensure the safety and accuracy of construction.


In early September 2023, two tower cranes were stationed in the project respectively, and the tower crane service engineers of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. timely followed up and tested to ensure that the tower crane was put into use in the best condition. In the face of complex and changeable working conditions, STCD250 tower crane lives up to expectations, lifting the whole process is fine, accurate and stable. In about 100 days, the first group of double pier erection task of 50 meters high will be successfully completed, which fully shows the reliable strength of tower crane products of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Stock.

The Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge is about 30 kilometers long, connecting Rugao, Jingjiang and Zhangjiagang. It spans the main channel of the Yangtze River, with the main span of 2,300 meters, which is the world's largest two-tower suspension bridge. It is expected to be completed and open to traffic in September 2028.