Gather the key to do research and prepare for high-quality production of pavers
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In order to ensure the production quality and schedule of export pavers, Xi Peng, Deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., LTD.(hereinafter referred to as SCMC), led the relevant heads of Construction Machinery Research Institute, Production Department , Quality Assurance Department and Safety & Environment & Equipment & Kinetic Energy Management Department of the headquarter to inspect Welding Workshops, Assembly Workshop, Machining Workshops and Material Supply Department of the headquarter.

"The screed welding process is a key link that needs to be controlled in our production process, and we have done a good job of personnel supplement and technical training in advance."

"We will adopt customized management to ensure that parts are in place in advance according to production needs to avoid delays."

In the process of investigation, the directors in charge of departments spoke freely. The accompanying staff answered patiently. They carried out a detailed analysis of the quality risk points in the process of paver manufacturing, sorted out the work ideas, eliminated the work doubts, and communicated effectively.

"The purpose of this survey is to find out the situation, identify the problem and put forward the countermeasures." Xi Peng stressed that all departments should unify their thinking, attach great importance, grasp the overall situation, and advance in a coordinated way. First, we must give full play to the role of core personnel and do a good job in talent echelon training. Second, we should know and clear responsibility and be responsible. Production Department, Quality Assurance Department and Service Department should strictly implement the responsibility system in the course of work. Third, we should systematically sort out and prevent all kinds of risks and actively carry out quality innovation activities based on problem-oriented working concept. We should use quality research activities such as QC Teams and focus on core advantages to solve various problems that may restrict production.

Through the inspection, all departments have a clear idea and plan, and prepare for production, laying a good foundation for the high-quality delivery of this batch of export pavers on schedule.