SCMC in 2022 "contribute to the new era of a new journey" The worker labor competition ended successfully
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After 6 months, a total of more than 800 people participated in the 2022 "New Journey in the New Era" employee labor competition was successfully concluded. After the labor competition committee of the company, 54 teams and groups such as the blending class of the riveting welding workshop and the tower crane delivery group of the assembly workshop were commended and rewarded.

2021年5月七,陕建机股份举办为期6个月的“学党史建功‘十四五’ 开新局奋进新征程”为主题的劳动竞赛1_副本.jpg

In the second half of this year, SCMC organized and carried out the "new journey in the new era" in the production line. The competition focuses on the central tasks and goals of the year, and is carried out simultaneously on all fronts of green development, scientific and technological innovation and production management, and intelligent manufacturing. During the period, the production workshops and subsidiaries to "safe production month", "quality 100 days" and other activities as the starting point, strict implementation of 6S management, the majority of workers based on the post, firm confidence, face the difficulties, use their brains to find ways, work overtime to grab the progress, actively participate in the production and operation work. The whole competition, in full swing, the participation is unprecedented.

 Each workshop branch of the headquarters of the joint stock company and the branch of the construction steel structure company shall, according to the competition standards, Combined with their respective target assessment responsibility system, A total of 54 excellent teams were recommended and reported, Quality Assurance Department and the product quality, safety and environmental protection, 6s site management, Finally assessed by the company's labor competition Committee, Rivet welding workshop blending class 1 and other 6 teams won the first prize in the competition; 18 teams including tower crane shipping group of assembly workshop won the second prize in the competition; 30 teams were awarded the third prize in the competition, They were commended and rewarded respectively.

Through this competition, in the company to create a comparison, learning, rush, help, super good atmosphere, create a new achievement, a new record, a new surpass, more and more front-line staff in the post to show a new style, made new contributions to the high-quality development of the company.